Jane Davidson Voice Studio

Music serves many functions it is only through musical education that people can be assisted in learning to judge 

the quality of music, it also helps to assess music everywhere they go. Music as an art requires special skills and knowledge 

apart from the basic education given in the school system. Music Education serves as a way transmit our cultural heritage 

and schools are obliged to help students realize their potential, music not only is a vent for expressing creative ability; 

it aids students in comprehending language, physics, biology, history and even the nature of human kind itself. 

Music not only teaches that  not every aspect of life can be quantified, and it also makes humans appreciate life more.

Music Education deals with all types of learning cognitive, affective, psycho-motor, and aesthetic. Technological advances 

and mass media have brought music to a point of accessibility that no musician could have ever predicted or imagined.


Music is an integral part of human existence, and therefore Music Educators have an immense job in forming the young minds 

of this and all generations.  The loss of music education would make a bereft society, particularly when one considers the vast

accessibility of music and its current and historical uses as a form of communication.  Although music can be defined as 

many thing, it is likely the most important gift that human beings have been given.