Jane Davidson Voice Studio


    •    Please make checks payable to Jane Davidson Snider. There will be a $10.00 charge for any returned checks. Thank you for your cooperation in being prompt.
    •    If you desire to conclude your music lessons 4 weeks notice is required, so I can fill the space in my schedule.
    •    Music lessons are like a triangle. It takes three sides to make a successful musical experience. The student, the parent, and the teacher must all work together.
    •    The Student
    •    The student must realize that practice is essential for success. It is best to set aside a regular time (or times) and follow that schedule.
    •    Parental support is a must for the student's musical growth. Show an interest and enthusiasm for their music accomplishments. For piano, make sure that the student has a good instrument that is kept in tune, good lighting, good seating (with a stool for their feet if they cannot touch the floor), and uninterrupted practice time. Young students especially need your help practicing. Sit in on some or all of the lessons to see and hear what you can do to help them.
    •    Be sure to read all communication from the teacher so as not to miss deadlines, recitals, special events, or changes in any schedules.
    •    The teacher will always be available to discuss the lessons with you. Each student is an individual with separate needs and goals. We set these goals, both short term and long range. You are welcome to set up a time to discuss your student's progress. You are also welcome to sit in on a lesson any time you wish. Please call or email me, and if  I am unavailable, leave a message and I will return your call.
    •    Music is meant to be shared! I encourage playing for each other at all ages and at all stages of development. I do a lot of duet and ensemble playing and perform for each other in theory groups. I will have several mini recitals, as well as various festivals and auditions. You will receive a list of all events that are available. Support these endeavors. Encourage them to play for you often. Listen to them and enjoy their excitement!
    •    There will be no make up lessons without 24 hours notice, and the student/parent must pay the full amount of the lesson for the time, as one must be cognizant that this is my livelihood . If a student must miss a lesson for a legitimate* reason, it is the responsibility of the parents to reschedule the lesson in a timely fashion.
    •    Legitimate excuses include illness, weather conditions (if schools are closed), family emergencies, and required school performances such as choir, band, or orchestra events. There will be no make up times for any other reasons. If you need to switch times because of sports events, it is the parents' responsibility to do so in advance.